BIDOURON has received these Questions and Comments from its customers or visitors, via email or social networks:


" Good evening. How long before I receive an item? Thanks in advance". (MB).

Bidouron response (screenshot):

 Translation screenshot : “Hello Michèle! Our products are printed in Germany and delivered by UPS within a few days. To be broad, I spoke of 8 to 10 working days on my website but, outside the Christmas period, deliveries are made to your door much faster. An item ordered on a Monday, for example, usually reaches the customer on Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week. Have a good day! Natalie”


“So happy with the effect my t-shirt produced on my colleagues, the first day I wore it! Unforgettable! » (JV Haute-Garonne)


“Baby bodysuits are super cute. Can't wait to see my friend's baby wear them! (KC Yvelines)


“Too expensive, too bad!!!!! (CB).

Bidouron response (screenshot):

 Translation screenshot : "Hello Christiane ! Thank you for your message! Our prices are linked to the fact that Bidouron products come from Germany and are printed individually to minimise the impact on the environment. They are delivered within a few days. Bidouron informs you that shipping costs are free for all orders placed between March 21st and April 10, 2023. Bidouron thanks you for your visit and wishes you a very good day."


“The t-shirt arrived very quickly in a few days and fits me well. Still a little large, however, but I expect to fill it quickly in the coming weeks! » (CT Gironde)


“My parents gave me a Bidouron t-shirt to wear on the day I was going to announce the big news to my grandma. What a joy to see her light up with happiness! Luckily we filmed!! » (AD Alpes-Maritimes)


“My husband had gone on a long trip for work and I learned the great news while he was away. I quickly ordered a t-shirt which served as an announcement when he returned. A big moment! » (MG Hérault)


Short comments via Facebook or Instagram following the publication of a BIDOURON product :


" This is so cute! (MF Belgium)


" So beautiful! " (SA).