How was Bidouron born?

The Birth of Bidouron

 This site, these story:

 BIDOURON is THE store dedicated to expectant mothers who dream of proudly showing off their beautiful round belly with humour. My primary goal in creating this was to appeal to ALL women, from ALL backgrounds. The Bidouron baby can represent a girl or a boy, with origins from any continent in the world.

 Behind this project that was dear to my heart is me, Nathalie (but I prefer to write my name Natalie). I am originally from Paris where I lived for 30 years. I became the wife of my childhood friend from New Caledonia and have been living in Australia for a quarter of a century, and I am the proud mother of three children (three was our dream!). I was able to raise them myself when they were little (they are all adult now) with joy (and sometimes, of course, some headaches too!).

 And then one day I went back to work. But after several years, I chose to turn the page towards a much nicer goal (which was also a new adventure): to start my own business from my personal computer.

 I wanted to start my own online sales company and my first thought was naturally "motherhood" (I'll explain why later). So, one day, an idea sprouted: why not create original and humorous t-shirts with cute phrases and funny designs.

 Well, here I am, working hard (with the help of my husband and our sons) and you are now taking a stroll on my site! Wow! What an honour for me, I am truly flattered! Continue on by browsing our original creations, offered in a wide range of choices, which will expand over the months, you'll see!

So now... why focus specifically on clothing for expectant mothers? Because I am absolutely passionate about motherhood and babies. This passion dates back a long time. It all started at a very young age, around 10 years old, when I began a collection of birth announcements. I am still pursuing it! It is HUGE: more than 18,000 birth announcements! I have created a French eBook that I update to release in paperback form on Amazon one of these days. This book will present hundreds of ideas for texts to create an original and unique birth announcement.

 Continuing with this passion, when it came time to find a product to sell, the idea of funny t-shirts for expectant mothers of the 2020s and beyond... was born!

 Enjoy playing with humour and tenderness while blossoming in the construction of your little human being! You will only be even more radiant!

BIDOURON welcomes you! Enjoy your visit and congratulations to all the happy future parents!

Future Moms, be proud of yourselves! You are all beautiful with your big tummies!